Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Pinaroo Point, Perth, Western Australia Australia

Wind force:
16-25 knots
Pinaroo Point is located at 25 km/16 mi in the north west of Perth City at the Hillery suburb.

The open ocean,the soft sand shore and the sandy bottom create a super all-level kite surfing arena. The water is usually choppy, a fact that helps jump and bump riding styles. The wind is thermal with medium force (16-25 knots). The main and best wind direction is the South West and works absolutely perfect.

Be careful with the sharks and floating seaweed. The best period to be there is November to March and it’s better to choose a day within the week since the beach is getting crowded during weekends.  It should be mentioned that there are showers, lunch areas and rental shops and schools on the spot.

If you park your car in the parking area, make sure that you have taken all your personal belongings.

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