Surfing in Cloudbreak Reef, Tavarua Island, Fiji Islands

Skill level:
Advanced and professional
Reef coral
Fiji Islands represents undoubtfully a tropical paradise, formed by volcanic activity in the South Pacific Ocean, with an archipelago consisted of more than 332 islands and more than 500 islets. Covered with thick tropical forest, warm climate most of the year round, white sand beaches and crystal clear sea, Fiji is an amazing holiday destination.

The coral reefs are worldwide known as home of the most pristine and diverse ecosystems in the Pacific Ocean. There are more than 1200 species of fish and an incredible variety of hard corals that inhabit the sea surrounding the Fiji Islands. The land, with its unique geology, covered with lush tropic trees and flowers, is home to many colorful exotic birds and animals. The combination of this amazing nature in dry land and sea, offers the visitor unlimited possibilities for an experience that can not be missed.

One of the 332 islands, is called Tavarua and has the shape of a heart. The resort island is surrounded by a coral reef and is located close to Viti Levu, the main Fijian island. Among the seven main surf brakes Tavarua has to offer, the most famous of all is Cloudbreak. It is considered to be one of the top destinations for world class surfers, with a totally epic wave quality.

The size of the swell starts working at 1.5 m/5 ft and holds up to 5 m/12 ft with regular frequency, perfect for advanced and professional surfers and the direction of the wind is coming from Southwest, West. This powerful open ocean reef, located at just a mile south of the main Tavarua Island, hosts annually the Volcom Fiji Pro competition, where top professional surfers arrive to face the legendary wave, regularly voted as one of the most challenging waves in the world.

In order to approach the Cloudbreak reef, you first have to get to Tavarua island resort with a helicopter or a boat and then take another boat to take you to the spot, or paddle for about half a mile towards the reef. Pack up your gear and your best spirits and prepare to embrace a heaven on earth such as Cloudbreak Reef, that should be experienced at least once by everyone who loves the ocean. Surfers should be carefull of rocks and rip currents.