Spearfishing in Wedge Island, Spencer Gulf, South Australia Australia

Maximum Depth:
Wedge Island is located at the southeast of Port Lincoln with a surface of about 10 km²/3.86 mi², in the southeast of Australia. Being the largest of the small Gambier Islands Group, the Wedge island is located in the southern part of the Eyre and Yorke Peninsula, in South Australia, at the entrance to Spencer Gulf.

This ravishing Island was chartered by Captain Matthew Flinders in February 1802 whereby he named it Wedge Island due to its visual shape. The majority of the island is being listed as National Park so that its natural beauty and appeal of the island would be preserved.  The island doesn’t have permanent inhabitants but there is a lighthouse at the southeast and highest point of the island for accommodation purposes.

The island offers an airstrip for access by charter flights from Port Lincoln, Parafield, Goolwa or Adelaide.  The island that can be also reached by barge from Pondalowie Bay, in Innes National Park at Yorke Peninsula where you can also be based. Wedge Island offers an amazing contrast of coastal scenery with sandy beaches and aqua clear waters while its coves and bays provide with a spectacular and yet a serene spearfishing diving experience.

The seafood lover will enjoy the freshest of King George Whiting, Salmon, Snapper, Tuna, Flat head, Oyster, Abalone, Crayfish, and more! This relatively untouched paradise is an exclusive destination for spear-fishermen, divers and not only. Suitable also for novice divers, its maximum depth reaches at 20 m / 65 ft for divers to practice. Let yourself be seduced by the beauty of this heaven on earth.