Scuba Diving in Straits of Mackinack Wreck, Chicago, Illinois USA

Dive type:
Fresh water/wreck
Good (10-30 m/33-98.5 ft)
Exact GPS Coordinates in the lake:
42° 2.73' N, 87° 30.888' W
Chicago is the seat of Cook County, Illinois, USA. It is the third most populous city in the US and the most populous city in both the American Midwest and Illinois. Nicknamed as The Second City or Windy City, Chicago is situated on the southeastern shores of Lake Michigan, in the northeastern Illinois.

Chicago is a very big city with many leisure opportunities. If you are a water sport enthusiast, you can enjoy one of the most thrilling sports, scuba diving in the inland sea of Lake Michigan.

Although the bio life of the area is poor, the main thing to see undersea is the wreck of a transport ship, Straits of Mackinack that was sunk on purpose in 2003. The only way to reach the area is by boat, in a good time of less than 30 minutes and it is not very hard to find.

The ferry that was manufactured in 1928 was made out of steel and is now under the surface of Lake Michigan, sitting quietly at a depth of 12.2 to 25.9 m/40 to 84 ft and remaining in excellent condition. The shipwreck lies in the seabed in upright position.

Straits of Mackinack is at a place with no currents and the area has good visibility. If you are inexperienced, this is not the right place for you, as the level of experience is CMAS */ OW. If you like wreck diving, this is one of the best places in Chicago to practice your favorite sport.