Scuba Diving in Cueva de Palm Mar, Arona, Canary Islands Spain

10-40 m / 32-131 ft
Tenerife is a stunning island and the most populous of the seven Canary Islands. It is also the largest island of Macaronesia. Due to its natural beauty, Tenerife hosts approximately 5 million visitors every year from every corner of the world.

Become one of these visitors who visit this oasis of tranquility every year and enjoy yourself with a vengeance. Tenerife is surrounded by many impressive hotels and restaurants, but it also offers many unusual diving spots. One of them is Cueva de Palm Mar!!

It is considered as one of the most famous diving spots and it is addressed to intermediate divers. What Cueva del Palm Mar offers to scuba diving enthusiasts are an incredible visibility (10-40 m / 32-131 ft), a mysterious cave and an unusual marine beauty including different lovely creatures. Your scuba diving experience starts at 16 m/52 ft depth, where you leave the anchor and follow a path that will lead you into the world of excitement. In the cave’s entrance, which is located at 30 m/98 ft depth, you will come across dark warrens filled with fangs bared and moray eels.

This cave remains a mystery, as no-one has achieved to find out how long the interior tunnel is and where it leads. Unfortunately, many divers have lost their lives in quest of this mystery. For this reason, there is a memorial cross outside the cave, which is admired by all divers.

So, if you classify yourself as a scuba diving enthusiast, Cueva de Palm Mar is worth a shot!