Parasailing in Vilamoura, Faro, Algarve Portugal

Maximum No of person:
Take off:
On the boat
Land back:
On the boat
Height :
40 m/131.2 ft
Vilamoura is a tourist destination, located on the Algarve coast, specifically laid in the municipality of Loule in the Algarve. It is approximately 24.5 km/15 mi away from Faro, the southernmost city in Portugal.

It is the largest tourist group in Europe and well known for its opulence. You can find art galleries, roman ruins, museums such as Cerro da Vila. You can also come close to the nature and the lushness of deep forest with pine trees.

The beach of Vilamoura is really clean, long and sandy. But it is more beautiful when you are looking the beach from above. You don’t need magic tricks to do this, only love for para-sailing. In Marina Vilamoura beach, you have the opportunity to feel the adrenaline of this sport. Choose the right company and have fun with a para-sailing cruise. Feel free like a bird and let the fresh air of Atlantic ocean to captivate your senses.

You can laugh, you can scream, you can cry, it’s only you, the sea and the sky. Surrender yourself to the big volumes of adrenaline that could be released by practicing this specific sport. There is no fear if you lack of experience, since experts in para-sailing would assist you to get the required skills.

In Vilamoura, apart from extreme sport practice, you can find also excellent food and aperitifs. Last but not least, there is a big variety of accommodation.