Parasailing in Great Bay, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten Netherlands Antilles

Philipsburg is the main town and capital of the country of Sint Maarten. The town is located in a beautiful and narrow strech of land between Great Bay and the Great Salt Pond.

A visit at Great Bay, Philipsburg is more than just a trip or a place where you can spend some days, it is a lifetime experience. It is the place that wins its visitors thanks to its friendly atmosphere, incredible natural beauty, endless entertainment and several adventure opportunities.

It is imperative that people need to be endowed with the experience of parasailing in this place. Parasailing is an activity with unprecedented in Great Bay. It gives you the opportunity to admire the crystal waters of Great bay while it seems that you can even touch the sky. The height of your flight is depending on the wind conditions. The parachutes that are available on spot are the Super Sirocco 32″, Super trade 36″or the trade 38″.

Whether alone or accompanied by a friend, you have 10 minutes at your disposal to feel the utmost adrenaline of this activity. Generally, your activity ends at the pier of Great Bay but if you have other plans, don’t hesitate to fulfill them! So, we wholeheartedly suggest you enjoy every second of your staying in this unforgettable destination.