Hang Gliding in Bainsvlei, Bloemfontein, Free State South Africa

Visibility :
100km/62mi and more
The Free State is situated on the flat boundless plains in the heart of South Africa. Known locally as the "breadbasket" of South Africa, it is an agricultural city and most of its land lies at 1000 m/3281 ft above sea level. It is the land of rugby, sunny skies and characterized by a continental climate, with warm to hot summers and cool to cold winters.

Bainsvlei is located at 10 km/6.2 mi from Bloemfontein, Free State’s capital. The spot is popular for it clear skies, a dry and consistent climate and an endless panorama, making it a popular spot for gliding adventures. It boasts magnificent cloud formations and air currents and is considered to provide the most consistent gliding conditions in South Africa.

The soaring season is from the end of October to late January, allowing for long cross country flights. Elevation point stands at 1380 m/4526 ft and visibility extends at 100 km/62 mi long or more. Advance booking is necessary to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to ride the thermals like a majestic bird!!