BMX in Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Dry period:
November to May
Rainy period:
June to October
Malaria infection & land mines
Siem Reap province in the north-east of Cambodia, is the home of the magnificent Angkor Wat archaeological complex and great religious monuments. The same area is an excellent arena for dirt-biking fans.

The countryside of Siem Reap combines the wild beauty of the thick jungle with the calmness of the light green paddy fields. The weather conditions with long rainy seasons and foremost the humid climate are factors that may affect considerably dirt biking training or tours.

Τhe gravel roads that cross the province are filled with natural lands and grooves, due to continuous heavy rainfall and depending on the season they are also covered with dust or mud. The local schools offer very professional services at fair prices. Off-road rides are possible, but only under the strict instructions of certified guides, due to extended number of land mines still present in the territory.