Bicycling / Cycling in Grosse Ilse, L’lsle aux Grues, Quebec Canada

Bike-way type :
100 %
Grosse Ilse (French "Grosse Ile") or "big island" is located in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence in Quebec, Canada. It is one of the 21-islands ilse-aux Grues archipelago. It is part of the municipality of Saint-Antoine-de-I'lsle-aux-Grues, located in Chaudiere-Appalaches region of the province.

Grosse Ilse is also known as the Irish Memorial National Historical Site, as the island was the site for Irish immigrants coming to Canada, who died by the harsh conditions of life, wishing to escape the Great Famine. Nowadays, Grosse Ilse is one of the most memorial sites in North America. This island attracts many people, thanks to its historical significance, natural beauty and plenty of options that can offer to visitors.

Many people choose this place for cycling, as the spot offers all you need for the best cycling. The fact that this area is located in the middle of Saint Lawrence Gulf is why you will enjoy stunning views. Something that makes this place special for cycling is that for nearly 60 km / 37 mi along the road, it connects Havre aux Maisons Islans, Pointe aux Loups, Grosse Ilse and Grande Etree. You can enjoy your cycling in a distance of 58 km / 36 mi from the Cap aux Meules harbor, in a bike-way type of 100% roadway and a surface of 100% paved.