Climbing Walls in Tramontana, Saint Petersburg, Federal city of Saint Petersburg Russia

Saint Petersburg is a city situated on the Neva river, at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. The federal subject of Saint Petersburg has its name changed three times, from Saint Petersburg to Petrograd, then Leningrad and back to Saint Petersburg.

In the city of Saint Petersburg, many daring athletes enjoy themselves in various sports. One of them, gaining popularity along the years, is indoor rock climbing. There are many exceptional facilities in the city, offering the fun and excitement of this amazing sport.

Tramontana offers all the necessary and even more for an unforgettable experience. All the information about the facility are available at the reception, which is the first thing that you will meet while entering.

Before getting to the climbing area, you can warm up at the work out area, which contains a small gym. Here you find a great number of horizontal bars, rings, dumbbells, fingerboard, barbells and other devices to bring your body and mind into desirable battle mode!

The very next thing you meet is over 500 m²/5.382 ft² of climbing fun. The bouldering hall has a great variety of planes, overhangs and all sorts of faces. If you are a novice, a small overhang will help you complete your mission. If, on the other hand, you are an advanced climber, drums, eaves and stronger overhangs are waiting for you. If you belong to the monsters or other mutants, a 45 degrees – 5 m/16.4 ft overhang will blow your mind!

Besides these, the facility contains the only in St. Petersburg Ingenious Invention Ben Moon. It shows who is able to which category! Another asset is the Rope Hall that covers an area of 140 m/459.3 ft and a height of 8 m/26.2 ft. The imitation of granite rocky terrain with many features will allow you to plunge into the landscapes of Karelia.

If you get tired of climbing or waiting for friends, the best place to relax is on the balustrade in front of the high climbing wall. The area offers coffee, magazines, Wi-Fi, a projector, chairs or comfortable sofas and nice, friendly atmosphere. If you prefer indoor climbing or it is too cold for you to go out on real rocks, Tramontana is the perfect solution!!!