Extreme Hiking / Hiking in Gloyd Seeps North Trail, Wenatchee, Washington USA

Trail length:
5 mi/8 km
Best hiking time:
During Spring
Wenatchee is the largest city of Chelan County, located in North Central Washington and lies on the west side of the Columbia River. The city is also known as the Apple Capital of the world, due to the valley's apple cultivations.

Gloyd Seeps Wildlife Area is protected by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. It is a narrow, but very long zone of a protected ecosystem. The trail from the North side is 5 mi/8 km long, out and back, about three hours hike, with minimal elevation gain. The trail leads you through amazing bird habitats, such as bluebirds and sharp tailed grouse.

By the end of the trail, you reach the beautiful Willow Lake and South Willow Lake, where geese and swans nest during winder. There is a lot of exploring to do, without having to follow a certain trail. You can hike this area, all year round, but the best time to visit is during spring. Gloyd Seeps North Trail, is an interesting and rewarding hike for nature enthusiasts, suitable for all skill levels.