Backpacking / Trekking in Arrowtown, South Island, Otago New Zealand

Old route to Macetown:
Big Hill Trail
Lake Hayes view:
Sawpit Gully Trail
Arrowtown is a small, former gold-mining town, situated in Otago region, in the South Island, New Zealand. It is only 20 min drive from Queenstown (connected through Shotover Gorge) and lies on the banks of Arrow River, one of the richest sources of gold in the 1860's.

It hosts many houses where immigrants from Europe and China used to live back in the era of gold-mining. Arrowtown and the surrounding area was the setting for the legendary films Lord of the Rings trilogy and X-Men Origins. It has four distinct seasons, offering great opportunities for various activities.

One of the best and most challenging ways to explore Arrowtown and the surrounding area is trekking. Immerse yourself in the trekking adventure and discover the rare and wild beauty of the surrounding mountains, lakes and forests!

Big Hill Trail (this used to be the main route to Macetown), Sawpit Gully Trail (great view of Lake Hayes) and New Chum Track are undoubtedly the most famous and rewarding ones. Don’t forget to bring the camera with you!