Snowmobile in Eckler Mountain Snow Park, Dayton, Washington USA

Top elevation:
Trail system:
Dayton City is located in the Southeastern part of Washington State. It lies in a valley, at 1600 ft/487 m above sea level and is situated in-between two rivers, Patit Creek and Touchet River.

The city has a rich history to demonstrate, home to the oldest train depot in the state and the oldest working county courthouse. At the east of Dayton City, the Eckler Mountain Snow Park is a perfect destination for snowmobiling.

The mountain has 3940 ft/1200 m elevation and a trail system of 56 mi/90 km. The snow park provides with facilities along the way such as toilets, snow shelters and scenic view points. The view from the mountain is breathtaking as you get higher and higher. You drive through alpine scenery with huge pine trees and powder snow.

During winder season, there is a Snow-Park permit required, which you can get from the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission. Drivers should take water and snacks with them and be careful of the working crew that may be on the trails during the day to clear drifts or debris.