Quad Biking in Full Throttle Motocross Park, Easton, Maryland USA

Urban, man-made
10 - 40 ft/ 3 - 13 m
Easton is a town within the Easton District of Talbot County, Maryland, US. If you visit the town in November, you will be present during the famous Waterfowl festival. Easton is also home to the Talbot County Fair each summer.

Full Throttle Motocross Park is one of the most famous parks in Easton, Maryland. The spot is waiting all Quad Biking riders for a lot of fun and extreme riding. The park has a 1 mi²/2.6 km², urban man-made terrain that sits at an elevation of 10 to 40 ft/3 to 13 m.

You activity will take place in 2 mi/3.21 km of trails, which are formed with intersections. All trails are public and in very good condition.  The park also offers a kiddie track. The track enables many quad biking riders to exercise their favorite sport at the same time. So, get mixed with the other thrill-seekers and enjoy quad biking for good. There are also a few hazards. Although, they are marked, still be cautious. The track is addressed mostly to amateurs, some novices and  little experts.

The park is open from Friday through Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. If you want to perform Quad Biking, you should visit the park on Fridays. The parking lot and camping area are free for both riders or spectators, but the entrance and riding are not free and you have to pay a fee per rider.