Quad Biking in Diamondback Motorcross Track, East Durham, New York USA

400 - 450 ft/ 122 - 137 m
Urban, man-made
Many berms, small and large jumps, many trees
East Durham is an unincorporated community within the town of Durham, New York, which is situated in the U.S State of New York. It is culturally bound to the Irish heritage. In the town you will find an array of Irish themed inns and shops along with a cultural center.

A visit at the most significant cultural attractions of this place will greatly satisfy your leisure time. Some of the most known attractions are the Woodward Road Stone Arch Bridge, the Supersonic Speedway- Mini Amusement park and the well-known Zoom Flume water-park. East Durham also hosts the Diamondback Motocross, which is the most impressive track for Quad Biking. After a period of closure, the track is now more renovated than ever.

Diamondback Motocross track, commonly known as Diamond Black MX  is located next to the historic Walden Hotel. It is an urban, man-made track, that sits at an elevation of 400 to 450 ft/122 to 137 m. In addition, the track includes many trees, many small and large jumps and provides the ability to ride with many other riders at the same time. The track has a starting gate, big triples and tabletops with many and nice berms. There are also a few hazards, which are marked.

Diamondback Motocross track is addressed to mostly amateurs, some novices and little experts. The track is generally open for practice on Saturday at 8 am. The parking lot and camping area are free.