Four Wheel Driving in Shingwedzi, Kruger National Park, Limpopo South Africa

250 km/ 155 mi
Limpopo is the northernmost province of South Africa and named after the second biggest river in Africa, River Limpopo. It borders with Botswana to the West, Zimbabwe to the North and Mozambique to the East. Characterized by primeval indigenous forests, majestic mountains and unspoilt natural setting, it is an adventure seeker's haven.

The Shingwedzi Eco-Trail starts at Parfuri picnic site in Kruger National Park and allows you to cross into Mozambique and explore the vast untamed wonderland of the Great Limpopo Trans-frontier Park. The trail offers a challenging 4×4 adventure with river crossings and the opportunity to navigate onto rarely traveled tracks. It is a one way trail covering a distance of 250 km/155 mi long, lasting 100 hours and a strictly guided trail.

The terrain consists of mostly management and wilderness tracks and river crossings. This unforgettable adventure departs every Sunday morning at 08:30 and there is no room for lateness because of immigration procedures at the borders. You need to bring your own camping equipment and be self sufficient, however vehicles will be equipped with satellite phones and a professional guide is available throughout your venture.