Four Wheel Driving in Meadow Mountain Trail System, Grantsville, Maryland USA

Size of trails:
11 mi / 17 km
Climate type:
2600 - 2800 ft/ 792 - 853 m
Open :
Grantsville is a town in the northern part of Garret County, Maryland, U.S.A. It is situated near the Pennsylvania border. It is a place with historical significance and attracts a large number of tourists every year.

Many people visit Grantsville, as here they can exercise their best Four Wheel Driving. Meadow Mountain Trail System is a forest type area with 11 mi/17 km of trails. It is one of the most appropriate places for Four Wheel Driving activity.

The park offers an elevation of 2600 to 2800 ft/792 to 853 m. It is open year-round and is usually dry and rocky. You should take into account that the park is closed between December 15 through March 15 to offroad use. If you visit the park during winter season, you can exercise snowmobiling as well. There are a few hazards on trails, which are marked, but still be cautious. The park is addressed to some novices, mostly amateurs and little experts. The parking lot, entrance and camping area are free.

Nearby are The Savage River Stare Forest and the New Germany State Park, where boating, camping and swimming will fill your spare time.