12 October 2014 07:30am - 18:00pm

XTERRA DIRTMAN Off Road Triathlon in Tempe

Running Routes:
3.10mi/5km (2 loops)
MT Biking Trails:
12mi/19.31km (2 loops)
Swimming Distance:
3280ft/1000m (1 loop)
The Tempe town, settled in the east valley of Phoenix in Arizona State, hosts the XTERRA DIRTMAN Off Road Triathlon race on 12th of October 2014. The event combines running with swimming and MT biking in a unique race.

The XTERRA DIRTMAN Off Road Triathlon challenges you in three different disciplines, like running, biking and swimming  in the same race. In Papago Park, the bike and run race is performed while the swimming competition is hosted in the Tempe Town Lake.

''XTERRA DIRTMAN Off Road Triathlon''

This one-day event tests your fitness conditions and challenges you to be flexible and equally good in all three sports. The triathlon race is part of the Mud & Adventure calendar events.

Are you trained enough??