23 March 2014 08:00am - 20:00pm

Spartan Race Sprint in Honolulu

Current game record :
35 minutes
Spartan Race:
3+mi/6.4+km; 15+ obstacles
In the exotic island of Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, dozens of obstacles sprint race athletes from all over the world will compete each other in March by participating in the most prestigious event of race sprint, the famous Spartan Race Sprint.

Honolulu, in Hawaii, will host in March an one-day mud race event, the Spartan Sprint race. Under the hot sun of Hawaii many athletes will challenge their limits and their physical status.

Spartan Sprint obstacle run enters the Mud and Adventure races events. There you can get full adrenaline moments and lots of fun,not only running! The race offers challenges, exciting moments and surprises.

If you don’t feel ready for this, you can leave the race behind the terrain but close enough to feel the athletes breath!! Stay tuned, visit the web page and get your lucky ticket!

''Spartan Race Sprint''

Keep in mind that obstacle races take place regularly in different cities around the world. You have no excuse to miss it!!! A mud run race might be in your city next time!! Honolulu Spartan Race Sprint is your next event to follow.