05 April 2014 09:00am - 18:00pm

Mud Endeavor in Little Manatee, Wimauma

Course distance:
5 km / 3.1 mi
The most exciting and fun mud run event open its doors on April the 5th in Wimauma, Florida, USA. The natural arena is perfect offering some of the most promising challenges for runners.

Little Manatee river in Florida, USA represents the challenge of this Mud Endeavor race. Natural playground for many extreme sports, the river is the ideal spot for a tough mud run. The runners will follow the river’s banks and will face many obstacles in those 5 km/3.1 mi long.

"Mud Masters"

Mud Masters

The event is part of the Mud and Adventure calendar events. If participating in the event, you will slide, crawl, jump, get dirty, sweat, get tired, but you will love it!!!! Bring your shoes, obstacle runs offers the mud!!!

Are you ready to boost your limits and see how far you can run away???