6 September 2014 09:00am - 20:00pm

Prison Brake Race in Centre Equestre De Bromont

Race Distance:
5km / 3.10mi
The Prison Brake Race, hosted in Centre Equestre De Bromont, in Quebec, Canada, is not a ordinary obstacle race. In this race you have to be fast, determined and smart! Beware not to get busted again by the guards!

The Prison Brake Race will test your fitness, your strength, your virtue to improvise and to be flexible. You need all these to pass successfully not only the obstacles but also the guards who would be waiting for you among the obstacles. You have to finish with the three flags onwards, otherwise you are punished! And here punishment means mud! A lot of mud!

''Prison Break Race''

Make your moves and be alert. The event, part of the Mud & Adventure calendar events, is a great opportunity and a big challenge. Don’t get pinched!!!