Wind Surfing in Kalafati Beach, Mykonos Island, Aegean Islands Greece

Swell size:
1-2 m (3.28-6.56 ft)
Wind direction:
Water temperature:
22-25°C (71.6-77°F)
Mykonos is a Greek island, part of the Cyclades complex in the Aegean Sea. It's also known as the 'island of winds', because it's often swamped by winds.The island is situated between Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos islands. Although it's a small island, it offers numerous golden sandy beaches, hospitable people and an unforgettable culture.

One of the famous beaches in Mykonos is Kalafati Beach. It’s well known for the adrenaline that it can offer to its visitors. It’s suitable for water sports, and for those who prefer to play games with the water, feel the excitement, the danger, the passion, the mystery, the wind… yes, we are talking for all you crazy windsurfers.

The spot provides the right conditions for windsurfing. From May to October, the Meltemi wind blows with up to 6 Bft and the waves swell size is from 1 m/3.28 ft to 3 m/6.56 ft most of the times. The wind blows offshore from the left and water temperature is between 22-25°C/ 71.6-77°F. In Kalafati, there is the Pezi Huber windsurf center, in case you need an expert. They are well organized, professionals and they like flirting with the waves. So, take a deep breath and let’s get in fight with the wind.

Near the spot, you will find beautiful accommodations. You can have fun with your friend in the many restaurants, bars and cafes. Enjoy the sun, the air, the love and leave everything behind you!!!