Skiing in Mount Bailey, Diamond Lake, Oregon USA

6000 ac/24.28 km²
Skiable vertical:
3280 ft/1000 m
Level :
intermediate to advanced
Located in the Cascade Range, Mount Bailey, the rounded shield volcano offers great slopes and snow, attracting all kinds of winter sport fans.

Here one can find trails, starting on the south side of the mountain and reaching the Diamond Lake. This spot is well known for cat skiing. Overall there are 6000 ac/24.28 km² of terrain, ready to be explored in a beautiful alpine environment that leaves no one uninterested.

The skiable vertical is about 3280 ft/1000 m and it is not considered to be an easy ride. This terrain is more of a place for intermediate to advanced level athletes, rather than beginners.

You should come equipped with all the necessary gear, especially if you have planned a two day trip. Bare in mind that the weather conditions on this mountain are unpredictable and an avalanche can be produced, so be well informed and prepared even for such an event, before packing your bags.

Surely you can find lodging nearby, but if you want a more primitive experience, maybe you should try Hemlock Butte Ski Cabin, not far from the spot. However you need to make reservations first.