Skiing in Dragobrat Ski Resort, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Top Elevation:
1400 m/4593 ft
Night Skiing:
Number of Lifts:
Number of Trails:
The famous Dragobrat (Drahobrat) ski area is located at the foot of the mountain Stog, in the vicinity of the mountain Massif of Bliznitsa mountain. It is also situated on the boarder of the zone of Alpine meadows and pine forests. Known as the highest ski resort in Ukranie, Dragobrat hosts many visitors every year.

Once you  arrive at this perfect spot, you will understand that this trip might be a lifetime experience. Beacuse of its location, its excellent snow conditions and breathtaking views of the Carpathians Mountain, this place is awarded as the highest and most popular ski area in Ukraine.

Something that many people don’t know about this spot is that its real name is not Dragobrat but Stig. Dragobrat is the name of the track. Whether its is called Dragobrat or Stig, this ski area is an irresistible temptation for all Alpine Skiing enthusiasts. So, if you are one of them, a trip to Ukraine will satisfy all your needs.

Dragobrat sits at an elevation of 1400 m/4593 ft above sea level. With abundance quality of snow, sometimes reaching at 9 m/ 29 ft, you can offer yourself an unforgettable Alpine Skiing Experience. Here you will find 20 tracks, tailored for all abilities of skiing. Trail’s length is from 200-300 km/ 124.27 to 184.41 mi and the length of total roads is more than 10 km/ 6.23 mi. All trails are groomed and served by snowcat.

Furthermore, there are 5 lifts with 2 of them belonging to the base “Dragobrat” (100 and 250 m/328 and 820 ft high), 1 to “Top of the Carpathians” (250 m/820 ft high), a database of “Edelweiss” (250 m/820 ft high) and a hotel “Oaza” (280 m/918 ft high). You can use the trails fron 9:00 m to 6:00 pm. At Dragobrat you can have fun at any season of the year. Taking into account that you can find snow until May, you shouldn’t miss tho visit this place for the world! Services like First aid-medical care, rental shop, ski school and parking lot on the spot are also available.

We wholeheartedly recommend visit this ski area and then let yourself get lost in memories!