Skiing in Azish Tau, Khrebet Azish-Tau,‎ Maykop, Republic of Adygeya Russia

Vertical drop:
200 m/656.2 ft
Longest run:
1500 m/4921 ft
December to March
Maykop is a city situated on the right bank of Belaya River, which is a tributary of the Kuban. It is the capital city of the Republic of Adygeya in Russia.

Near Maykop on the eastern border of Lago-Naki plateau lies the tourist complex Azish Tau. It is one of the largest and newest resorts, ideal for recreation and winter sports. One of the sports that you will mostly enjoy in this resort is alpine skiing.

The area offers amazing quality of snow and a vertical drop that cannot be underestimated. The 200 m/656.2 ft of vertical drop might not seem high, but they are enough to enjoy alpine skiing. The resort is at an altitude of over 1750 m/5741 ft, providing perfectly clean air and unforgettable mountain landscapes.

Freeriding, jumping and sliding like you are flying are the things that characterize the skiing experience in Azish Tau. In the area you will find hotels, restaurants, cafes and many other leisure opportunities, which combined with the skiing experience create the perfect winter holidays.

You will find equipment rentals and repairs on spot, but no instructors, so it is suggested to leave the slopes for the experienced skiers. The tracks though are made for novices and intermediate skiers, who have 2 tracks each. In order to reach the ski slopes, a chairlift is at your service, so don’t worry, you will get to the top! Generally, it is a ski resort that is worth a visit to experience an amazing adventure.