Skiboarding in Station du ski Mont Edouard, L’Anse Saint Jean, Quebec Canada

Vertical drop:
450 m (1446.40 ft)
Night Skiing:
If you want to escape from the urban routine and are looking for something extreme, Mont Edouard is the best place to visit. It is a well-known ski mountain near the village o f L' Ansec Saint-Jean, near the national park du Saguenary, Quebec, Canada.

The fact that it is the seventh highest mountain in Quebec attracts many people from all over the world. This spot has a lot of points in its favor. Offering a wide range of winter activities, excellent snow conditions and plenty of rest, Mont Edouard is the best getaway. This place invites all those people who want to get in touch with the snow environment and feel the adventure at the highest level. Come and discover this place during winter season, try to perform skiboarding and then you will understand what are we talking about.

Mont Edouard offers a vertical drop of 450 m (1446.40 ft). The 33 trails are tailored to cover all levels of difficulty. There are 7 trails for easy skiing, 9 for difficult, 9 for very difficult and for those who want to practice their sport reaching the adrenaline at the highest level, 6 trails are designed especially for them. If you have never tried this kind of activity, a ski school is available. So, in order to enjoy your sport, don’t hesitate to seek help from well-educated staff. Exercise your favorite activity in a place where all trails are formed by 70% of snow-making and you will never regret it. For your comfort, Mont Edouard offers 2 quad and 1 surface lifts.

Choosing to perform your winter activity in a place, which has tried to cover all your needs, guarantees all your expectations. This place can also offer fun for children and freedom for parents as a kids club of daily care is available. The peak season to try skiboarding is from December to April. Services like free outdoor parking, rental shops, sales counter and lockers on spot are available. Once the sun goes down, you can enjoy yourself by exploring the beauty of this place.