Cross Country Skiing in Mont Cascades, Cantley, Quebec Canada

Vertical drop:
165 m/541.34 ft
Base Elevation :
140 m/459.3 ft
Top Elevation:
305 m/1000.65 ft
Night Skiing :
Mont Cascades is located in Candely, Quebec. It is a well-known ski resort, water park and golf course. The fact that it is located just a few steps away from Ottawa-Gatineu region, makes this area always busy both in summer and winter season. A lot of people visit this place every year from all over the world, in order to enjoy themselves in all fields.

If you visit this place, one thing is certain that you will never get bored. So, visit  Mont Cascades and perform one of the most popular activities, cross country skiing.

Mont Cascades offers a skiable area of 60 ac/0.24 km², a vertical drop of 165 m/541.34 ft, a base elevation of 140 m/459.3 ft and a top elevation of 305 m/1000.65 ft. On 20 trails, tailored for all levels of difficulty, it is sure that you will have an amazing experience.

You find 4 trails for easy skiing, 11 for difficult, 4 for very difficult and for those who need something more adventurous, 1 trail is available. All trails are formed by 95% of snow-making. In Mont Cascades, you also have the opportunity to practice your favorite sport at night. As far as lifts are concerned, 2 double chairlifts, 1 triple chairlift, 1 quad chairlift and 1 surface lift are available only for you.

As you can see, Mont Cascades provides everything you need for your best vacations. The only thing you have to do is to take the right decision and visit this area as soon as possible. Also, in Mont Cascades you find free outdoor parking, rental shops and lockers. After an exciting day, you can continue having fun in one of the most impressive cafes, restaurants and accommodations that you easily find nearby.