Date of birth:
Domodossola (VB), Italy
Briko, Elan, Fischer, Herno, Leki,
Skiing, Cycling and Motors
Favourite athletes:
Valentino Rossi, motorcycle racer, Novak Đoković tennis player, Alberto Tomba skier, Usain Bolt sprinter, Marco Pantani cyclist



24 Podiums, 7 victories in the Ski World Cup and over 120 starts from the starting gates are the key numbers of Massimiliano Blardone, an athlete with a long-running career who is now the key player in his 15th Ski season.

A 35-year-old experienced man who has found his own path in life, always supported by his trusted staff and a special counselor, his wife Simona.

The agenda of a competitive athlete is full of demanding tasks: Alpine Ski National Athlete, Giant Slalom specialty, 1200 training hours all over the world (in gymnasium and on ski run, from the sea level to the highest mountains), institutional duties (he’s a Financial Policeman) and the pleasure to share his successes with Sponsors and Partners.

Lucky in having a beautiful family that always supports him, Massimiliano wants to express the same values that drove him to gain challenging goals and to share his passions, ideals and lifestyles with others.

He has the joy of being a father and this allows him to face every challenge with consciousness and great responsibility.


What are you looking for to accomplish?


I’m looking for a new way to get closer to alpine ski, but I cannot reveal everything … it’s a top secret project! For sure, I made ski my world and my job and the ski will continue to be an essential part of my thoughts and projects in the short, middle and long-term.  

What would be your greatest achievement?

I live each little improvement, on sport and personal life, as a little success. I am a positive and optimistic person. My motto is the rule that guides me every day: “To plan your own goal is the strongest human tool of auto-motivation”.


Determination, energy, taking challenges are values that bring, me day by day, towards new goals and successes!

What kind of difficulties does your sport’s performance involve?

Giant Slalom is considered the most technical between ski disciplines. The best giant slalom specialists have taken the speediness from slalom racers and the ability in direction from downhill racers.


On Giant Slalom it’s fundamental having a correct approach on the curves and it’s quite difficult for us to improve the radius of curvature. Going down the track and gaining few centimeters or millimeters on each pole is a challenging aim, but it gives great results in terms of speed.

What makes you feel satisfied when performing your sport?

I am endlessly searching for new incentives. Snow is my place, since I was young: surrounded by nature and silence, trying to discover my personal limits, to get in touch with me and go beyond my limits.


This sport leads you in a total white environment, without any noise except your ski foil on snow. On snow, even strain becomes a good sensation and changes to adrenaline. 

Where do you practice your techniques when being alone?

I train both in gym and on tracks. Gym workout is fundamental to increase strength and for the muscular reinforcement. During wintertime, I mainly exercise on tracks and on spring and summer, I’m lucky of living in a wonderful place where I practice canoe and water ski on the lake, or go running or biking on mountains. 

What do you do during your training, which is key to your success?

I am obsessive in training and careful to details. I train hard because I believe in my work. Hard work rewards you with victories and success, but it requires also perseverance and resolution.


During my training, I’m always ready to face new challenges or to test new ways of exercising. For example, who knows acrobatic training? 

What are you most nervous about when competing?

Usually I am not nervous, I’m just focused on goals. I get ready for the downhill with good warm-up exercises, then I concentrate on breath to regulate my respiratory pulse and to oxygenate each part of my body. The only challenge, then, is to firstly and speedily arrive at the end of the slope!


Who would you say is your biggest fan and why?

My son Alessandro! With his three-years-old spontaneity, he is my biggest fan. I do care teaching him the values of skiing, as my parents did with me.


Ski is strain (when I was young, there were not “tapis roulant” on ski runs!) but it’s also adrenaline, challenge, sharing and emotion, it’s living the plain nature. I also have a wonderful fan club that is one of the greatest and most active fan groups in the ski world. My fans support me in every sportive and personal project.  

What is the best piece of advice you have been ever given?

I’m lucky of having trusty people around me. They always say to me to go ahead with determination and not to change my personality, to remain a direct, sincere, spontaneous person.

What are your future plans?

I am planning them. For sure, I will stay in the ski world, with a new working system. 


What are your tips for those who begin now?

Being ready to train hard. If they make it with passion, it will not be a privation and this sport will soon lead them to success and satisfaction.