Date of birth:
Skive, Denmark
Etnies, Element, The Boss Shop,
traveling, building with LEGO, snowboarding
Favourite athletes:
Ryan Sheckler, Arto Saari, Andrew Reynolds, John Rattray and Tony Hawk are some of the skaters I find most inspiring


I was born in Denmark, in a small city called Skive. Ever since I was a child I used to enjoy certain sports: it started with ice hockey and continued with rollerblading, but the one thing I instantly fell in love with has definitely been skateboarding, from the very beginning.  It started while spending a year in Scotland, when I was 12 and I received my first real board. I’ve been skating ever since and the passion for it has only grown fonder through time. To me, the feeling of total freedom and fulfillment that skateboarding brings cannot be compared to anything else in the world.


What are you looking for to accomplish?

I want to continue challenging myself, enjoying every day of skating. The greatest thing I could hope for would be to inspire others while I do so.

What would be your greatest achievement?

Participating in the X Games has been a dream of mine ever since I learnt how to stand on a board. So having the opportunity to do that would definitely be my greatest goal.

"Andreas Ringgren Larsen "

What kind of difficulties does your sport’s performance involve?

It can definitely get challenging: some days it might not work out as you plan it, sometimes you might get hurt…

Learning to deal with the frustration that will undoubtedly come is key – instead of letting it defeat you, the best thing to do is channel it and let it motivate you to push yourself instead. In other words: keep trying even when it gets hard!

What makes you feel satisfied when performing your sport?

A lot of things can bring satisfaction: the sense of freedom, finally landing a difficult trick, coming up with ideas for new tricks and then bringing them to reality…

"Andreas Ringgren Larsen "

Where do you practice your techniques when being alone?

I try to practice every day if possible. During winter time, when I’m skating in local indoor parks, I’m hardly ever alone. But as soon as the weather gets better, I’m always up for finding and exploring unconventional spots, then be creative and skate them!

What do you do during your training which is key to your success?

I try to visualize what I want to achieve during the session. I start up with basic tricks and then build up towards harder ones, and occasionally learn new tricks! It’s always good to always remember to have fun on the board.

"Andreas Ringgren Larsen "

What are you most nervous about when competing?

Uncontrollable factors. That’s why I try to focus only on things that I can directly control. In the end, getting nervous before a competition is perfectly normal. The tricky part is figuring out how to react to your nervousness.

Who would you say is your biggest fan and why?

My family and my girlfriend. I feel grateful to have such support in my life.

"Andreas Ringgren Larsen "

What is the best piece of advice you have been ever given?

I guess it sounds cheesy, but: Follow your dreams and do what you love doing!

What are your future plans?

Continue on skating – hopefully being involved in more exciting projects that will give me the chance to explore new places and have fun on my board.

"Andreas Ringgren Larsen "

What are your tips for those who begin now?

Enjoy the ride, have fun and don’t be afraid to fall!