Scuba Diving in The Duckenfield, Sydney, New South Wales Australia

Maximum Depth:
Skill Level:
Advanced Divers
The Duckenfield was a steamer collier that sank in May 1889. The remains lie in about 21-23 m/68-75 ft along a rocky reef. It is considered to be one of the most notable shipwrecks in Sydney.

It is a boat dive and the common entry is by Fishman’s beach. Visibility is pretty good and the maximum depth is 23 m/75 ft. This dive site is suitable for more advanced divers and it is open all year long.

Water temperature is up to 21°C/69.8°F in summer and early autumn months and between 14-18°C/57.2-64.4°F in winter. Divers will have the opportunity to witness an amazing marine life. This spot has a variety of anchors, copper ingots, propellers and the steam engine.

Apart from diving, there is a variety of activities, attractions, restaurants and bars available along Sydney’s northern peninsula.

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