Scuba Diving in Clifton Gardens, Mosman, New South Wales Australia

Maximum depth:
Clifton Gardens is an urban locality in the suburb of Mosman, at about 8 km/5 mi in the north-east of Sydney's CBD (Central Business District).

Clifton Gardens or Chowder Bay, is one of the best macro shore dives in Sydney. It is also very famous amongst photographers, due to the abundant marine life. The entry can be accessed from the beach or from the end of the wharf steps. This spot is a great dive for novice or advanced divers alike and it can be dived all year long.

Rich in marine life, Clifton Gardens boasts a wide range of sea life – seahorses, cuttlefish, crabs, leatherjacket, pipefish, small octopus, yellowtail, old wives, bream and goatfish. The maximum depth of the spot is at 9 m/29.5 ft and visibility is pretty good during high tide.

The wharf is a popular dive site and fishing location, especially during the summer months, so keep an eye out for other divers and fishing hooks. Last but not least, it is also an excellent spot for night dive.

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