Mountain Biking in Halde Haniel, Oberhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia Germany

Starting Point:
At the bottom of the heap
Halde Haniel in Bottrop, the second highest mining heap in the Ruhr area, just behind the heap Oberscholven, lies at about 128 m/419 ft above sea level in the vicinity of Oberhausen, offering some thrilling opportunities for practicing extreme sports.

The heap Haniel is occasionally also known as Prosper-Haniel slag heap or pile Franz Haniel. With its expansion, it reaches at about one-third of the height of Eiffel Tower, and is also the highest ever accessible heap in the Ruhr. The tailing comes primarily from the neighboring Prosper-Haniel I / II.

On the shared for the public part, there are religious, mystical, technical and cultural sculptures and objects. Along with the magnificent view offered from the summit, they make the stockpile a destination that should take dumps, photo and nature lovers. The spot is also great for various extreme sports and especially mountain biking free-ride.

The starting point is at the bottom of the heap of the south of the Cross with 15 stations placed in zigzag on the uphill to the summit. It is the most convenient way to climb this giant man made mountain. The gravel trail is placed on the top, along densely forest slopes while the growth on the top is quite low.

All these trails are accessible day and night so you won’t have any problem riding your bike at any time! Due to the large amount of the very coarse gravel switchbacks to the summit, it is essential that you are in a good physical condition. Do not forget to bring water with you so as to achieve the whole ride without getting dis-hydrated.

Relevant activites based in Germany

Rafting & Wind Tunnel Flying, North Rhine-Westphalia
/ Bottrop, Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia

Summer/Autumn 2017-2018


River Rafting, Wind Tunnel Flying & Outdoor activities in Bottrop, Germany.

June 2018, September 2017-2018. 3 Days – air travel not included.

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Paragliding Couples Flight EXCLUSIVE***, Samerberg
/ Bavaria, Germany

Our much desired Couples flight variation, which can be optionally selected for each type, leads us to this special offer. You get two flights, images, train tickets, food, and a glass of sparkling wine.

With our Couple Flight EXCLUSIVE, we offer a complete package that leaves nothing unfulfilled. We think it’s important for couples to really share the experience of “best moments between heaven and earth”.

The tandem pilots pursue the goal to fly as close as possible and our guests get the opportunity to see each other in the air, watching the flight of their partner and enjoying the experience together.

Immediately after landing, the pilot team is not trying to let the togetherness tear. With a glass of champagne and a dinner (on request with the pilot) on the famous Fliegerbar at the landing site in Kössen, the shared experience continues.

The digital images made during the flight will be presented to you to preserve the memories for a long time.


-Thorough training for two people: take-off, flight, landing phases with your tandem pilot.

-You are insured with us, your pilot signs all insurance in your presence.

-You get a helmet, gloves, and in bad weather a flight suit

-Two tandem flights together with your pilot. If desired, you may drive yourself!

-Digital images from the tandem flight.

-Champagne after landing at the landing site.

-Dinner with the tandem pilot.

-Two ascents with Kössener Unterberghorn train for free.

Flight time 30-60 minutes

Total time 2.5 Hours

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Canyoning Sylvenstein beginners, Munich
/ Bavaria, Germany

Canyoning beginners Sylvenstein – close to the Tyrolean border you find a perfect canyoning destination.
Meeting point: Action & Fun outdoor center in Bad Tölz, Königsdorferstrasse 22f.
Time: Tours are every Saturday and Sunday at 9 am. For groups of at least 4 people tours start every day.
Description: At Sylvensteinsee, on the border of Bavaria to Tyrol there is probably the best canyoning area of Germany. After a short climb, you can experience it all, what can be the fascination of Canyoning: Cracks in clear mountain water, slipping in pools, walking in the creek and scrambling on the mountain, abseiling into the adventure. Totally unusual and unusually good!!!

The perfect combination of physical activity, adventure and nature. The experience of our professional guides offers the best conditions for your safety. We provide all the equipment, please bring only your mountain/trekking boots. (Tour duration approximately 4,5 hrs)

The price per person includes equipment (shuttle to the canyon by yourself / own car or taxi – about 20€ per person extra – on request we include the shuttle directly into the booking if you arrive by train).

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20€ shuttle to the canyon
Paragliding Mountaineering Flights****, Samerberg
/ Bavaria, Germany

For climbers and hikers, the dream of paragliding, the height differences without any effort back down from the peak to the valley, we offer a real highlight.

The Mountaineering flight is with a Tandem pilot from the summit to the valley – Alpine paragliding.

We have prepared a number of tours in the best paragliding areas of the Alps for you.


-Common climbing mountains of 900 – 2000 m above sea level.

-The flight equipment for the tandem flight.

-The return trip will be organized

-Tandem flight from the summit along with the tandem pilot

-Our pilots know their stuff about photos and/or videos and keep for you the most beautiful moments – memories for a long time!

-View photos or videos of your flight and the entire hike.


-Good physical condition (the passenger has to carry about 12 kg)

-Mountain boots

-A day time

Our mountaineering flights are only weekdays from Monday to Friday! Primarily in the months of August-early November, because of the calmer air.

Mountaineering flights are operated only by appointment.

Flight time depending on the Flight Mountain

Total time 5-8 Hours

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From 269€ to 369€
Paragliding Rent pilot for a Day, Samerberg
/ Bavaria, Germany

Your Paragliding Pilot shows you the most beautiful peaks of the Bavarian Alps in 3 – 4 tandem flights.

Depending on the wind direction, you can, for example, fly by magnificent peaks of Hochfelln in the early morning. These flights offer scenic views of the Chiemsee and with luck of the Salzburg basin.

At noon you could experience paragliding the summit Hochries. Of course, only after a long lunch on the summit hut!

The tandem flight in the afternoon can, for example, start from Brauneck.

If there is enough time and the stomach of our guest still “airworthy”, we provide paragliding near Blomberg as an evening flight.

Fly with your personal tandem pilot on a day three or four peaks in the Chiemgau, overlooking the Chiemsee and the Alps.


-Tandem flights from Hochfelln, Hochries, the Kampenwand or other mountains.

-Shuttle to all flight areas.

-All mountain rides with the respective cableway.

-View photos or video of the tandem flight day.

Our flights “pilot for a day” are only weekdays from Monday to Friday and only by appointment!

Your pilot will inform you about the weather while flying a paraglider, the technique and the interplay of landforms and wind.

You can concentrate entirely on the view from above and the fly – on request the video from the entire day.

Flight time depending on thermals

Total time 8 Hours

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Rafting Isar – Lenggries – Bad Tölz, Munich
/ Bavaria, Germany

Rafting Isar – Lenggries – Bad Tölz , … the ideal beginners tour for wild-water Rafting.
Meeting point: Action & Fun outdoor center in Bad Tölz, Königsdorferstrasse 22f.
Time: Tours are every Saturday and Sunday at 10 am and 2 pm. For groups of at least 4 people tours start every day.
Description: In front of the panorama of the Bavarian Alps you experience this river journey on the wild-romantic Isar as an ideal and light entrance in the Wildwasser-Rafting. In our outdoor center in Bad Tölz we provide new white water equipment – you only have to bring swimming clothes, closed shoes which can get wet, T-shirt and a towel.

After a short shuttle by bus to the entrance in Lenggries and the boat / group division (up to 10 people per raft), the boat leaders explain and show you everything you have to know – safety talk – and will experience.

“Forward” and off you go into the pleasure! With the wildwasserrafts
we drive over gentle, but also rather sparkling Isar waves and waters. The highlight of the tour is the “small Isar cataract”, which we drive through with suitable water level and by request of the guests also a second time. WW-level I-II, one part III.

End and exit of the boats and the tour is again at the outdoor center in Bad Tölz. (Tour duration approximately 3 hrs)

The price per person includes equipment and shuttle to the entrance.

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Paragliding Basic Flight, Samerberg
/ Bavaria, Germany

The Basic flight is the trial tandem flight in our program, so to speak the “small door” to the world of paragliding.

Tandem paragliding has something special. In completely calm air without thermals you float down into the valley – a heavenly feeling. The Basic flight with the help of your tandem pilot offers the chance to take over the reins and even drive yourself.

Your tandem flight pilot will be there to answer all your questions about the paragliding flight. During the flight filming and photography would also be ideal by our photo rod because of the calm conditions in the air.

After about 10 – 15 minutes your tandem flight is over, and perhaps you will catch – the flight Virus…


-Thorough training of tandem paragliding: take-off, flight, landing phases with your tandem pilot.

-You are insured with us, your pilot signs all flight insurance in your presence.

-You get a helmet, gloves, and in bad weather a flight suit.

-Tandem flight with your pilot. If desired, you may drive yourself!

Flight time 15 minutes

Total time 1 Hour

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Paragliding Thermal Flight, Samerberg
/ Bavaria, Germany

The Thermal flight offers the feeling of the thermals in the air during the flight and the paraglider is a bit longer.

Your tandem pilot will be looking through the power of the sun, causing updrafts. Besides, many circles are flown and maintained constantly at new sites for even better thermals out. Using these thermals your tandem pilot can extend the flight time artificially.

Please note: By mid-September the thermals are usually strong enough to extend the flight. In other seasons there can be only for a single day.

Often filming and photography are possible during the thermal flights due to the still relatively quiet conditions in the air.

After 15 – 30 minutes, you begin with the landing. Many passengers already dreaming for the next paragliding flight…


-Detailed briefing on the launch, flight, landing phases with your tandem pilot.

-We have assured the tandem flight, your pilot signs all flight insurance in your presence.

-During the preparation you get a helmet, gloves, and in bad weather a flight suit.

-Tandem flight together with your pilot.

Flight time 10-25 minutes

Total time 1.5 Hours

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Paragliding Thermal Flight PLUS**, Samerberg
/ Bavaria, Germany

The Thermal flight Plus lets you at least half an hour to see the world from above. In strong thermals and sometimes turbulent air you feel the enormous strength of updrafts, so you and your tandem pilot can in good conditions drive over the top of the mountains.

Sometimes you can go even higher along with your tandem pilot, close to the clouds. These tandem flights operate mainly in the spring and early summer.

Please note: The strongest thermals for these flights are in the months of March to August. In other seasons, the pilot can achieve very long flight times only on certain days. The advantage in the late summer and fall: The air is perfectly calm – soaring and gliding!

Please ask your tandem flight pilot on the spot about filming and photography, he can best assess the situation on the ground.

After about 30-60 minutes you begin with the landing. After this experience you will be full of impressions. Many images and feelings often come to mind days later…


-Full instructions about take-off, flight, landing phases with your tandem pilot.

-Of course, you are insured with us, your pilot signs all tandem flight insurance in your presence.

-During briefing you get a helmet, gloves and in bad weather a flight suit.

-Paragliding takes place together with your tandem pilot.

Flight time 30-60 minutes

Total time 2 Hours

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