Caving / Spelunking in Mercer Caverns, Angels Camp, California USA

Tour duration:
45 mins
55 ºF/12.8 ºC
Bear Valley is a ski area located near Angels Camp, on highway 4, between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite, approximately 3 hours southeast of Sacramento, California, USA.

Near Bear Valley lies Ebbetts Pass, which has one of the best known caverns, Mercer Caverns. It is located 1 mi/1.6 km north of Murphys, on Sheep Ranch Road. The cave was originally used by the Indians as mortuary cave, but later was abandoned and its entrance was covered with debris, until pioneers discovered it in 1885.

Inside there are crystal formations, such as Angel Wings and susceptible compositions of aragonite, along with stalagmites, stalactites and also a labyrinth of underground, that visitors drawn for centuries. The tours in the cave include Fairies Grotto, Oregon Loft and Gothic Chamber. The tour lasts about 45 minutes and is a quarter of a mile long. You won’t cover all the distance at once.

There are several stops, where the guide will explain the history and geology of the cave and give you time to take some pictures. There are no tripods or video cameras allowed. The tour has totally 440 steps, 208 down into the cavern and 232 up out of the caverns.

You should be careful on some of the steps, because they are steep and narrow. The tour is moderately strenuous, mainly on the way out, but there is no crawling. The main temperature is constantly at 55 ºF/12.8 ºC with 90% humidity.

How to Get to Destination

164 mi / 264 km, 3 hrs 5 mins
Follow I-880S to San Jose. Take the exit 31 for I-238 to I-580/Stockton/Fresno. Follow the signs for I-238/I-880/Castro Valley/Stockton Fresno and enter I-238 S. Enter I-580E. Go straight for I-205E. Enter I-5N. Take the exit California 4E to Downtown Stockton. Enter CA-4 E. Enter CA-4 E/CA-99 S. Take the exit 252B to enter CA-4 E to Farmington Rd. Turn right to CA-4 E/Farmington Rd. Go to CA-4 Bypass E/Angels Camp Bypass. Head straight for CA-4E. Turn left on Bear Valley Rd.
BY CAR FROM Central Valley
89.6 mi / 144.2 km, 2 hrs 4 mins
Follow CA-108 E/E F St. Continue to follow CA-108E. Enter CA-49 N/W Stockton St. Turn left on CA-49 N/Golden Chain Highway N/S Washington St. Make an open right turn to Parrots Ferry Rd. Head straight to Parrots Ferry Rd. Turn right to CA-4E. Turn left on Bear Valley Rd.
BY CAR FROM Sacramento
125 mi / 201.2 km, 2 hrs 41 mins
Follow CA-99S. Take exit 273 to Liberty Rd. Turn left on Liberty Rd. Turn right to CA-88W. Turn left to CA-12E. Continue to CA-49 S/Golden Chain Highway S/W St Charles St. Turn left to CA-4 Bypass E/Angels Camp Bypass. Continue straight to CA-4E. Turn left on Bear Valley Rd.
Columbia Airport,
50.6 mi / 81.4 km

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