Paragliding in John Crow Hill, Jamaica, Jamaica

Previous Experience:
Not Needed
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
8knots/15kph and 24knots/44.5kph
Jamaica is an island country located south of Cuba. It is also standing on the south-eastern side of the Cayman Islands and west of the Hispaniola Island. Jamaica lies in the northern Caribbean Sea and its capital is Kingston.

Paragliding is an exciting sport offering you the amazing feeling of freedom. When you are flying, every negative thought is replaced by tranquil feelings. If you have already tried paragliding, you know what we are talking about. On the other hand, if you hesitate to practice this extreme sport, there is no reason to fear. Experienced instructors will give you some tips and after that, you ‘ll be ready to live this wonderful experience. Well, Jamaica is a country providing many paragliding sites and John Crow Hill is one of them. It is a really great spot located on the south-western side of the country.

The launching point is about 50 minutes away from Mandeville, the capital of Manchester Parish. Jamaica is generally divided into 14 parishes. The take off point is found at 17°58’7″ (17.9688)N; 77°42’57” (77.716)W and its elevation is 603 m/1978 ft. You will find the landing point at 17°57’49” (17.9638)N; 77°43’49” (77.7305)W with an elevation of 15 m/49 ft.

The wind speed fluctuates between 8 knots/15 kph and 24 knots/44.5 kph. Strong winds usually obstruct exercising paragliding at John Crow Hill. Finally, the weather is quite warm all year round in Jamaica. So, there is no high season in case you wanna visit Jamaica and perform paragliding. You can fly every time of the year!

How to Get to Destination

BY CAR FROM Sangster International Airport
85.8km/53.3miles, 1 hour 59 mins
Sangster International Airport Montego Bay Jamaica 1. Head northwest 2. Turn left, the route of The Queens Dr 3. Turn left into The Queens Dr. Go through the National Land Agency (On your left) 4. Open turn right to stay on The Queens Dr 5. Continue along Howard Cooke Hwy Pass by Gas / Petrol (On the left in 700 m) 6. Turn left into the Allice Eldemire Dr Pass by Gas / Petrol (On the right in 700 m) 7. Turn right at the Bogue Rd 8. Turn left into the B8 Go through the Mt Carey SDA (On your left at 7.1 miles) 9. Turn left into the B6 Go through the Stonehenge Mission House (On your right at 17.0 miles) 10. Turn left, the route B6 11. Turn left into the B6 12. Turn left, the route A2 13. Turn left into the A2 Pass the Texaco (On your left at 8.6 miles) 14. Turn right 15. Turn right 16. Turn right 17. Take the first left turn 18. Turn right 19. Turn right 20. Turn left 21. Take the first left turn 22. Turn right 23. Turn right 24. Turn left Your destination will be on your right.
BY CAR FROM Norman Manley International Airport
150km/93.2miles, 2 hours 40 mins
Norman Manley International Airport Jamaica 1. Head west 2. Take the 2nd turning left the route of Norman Manley Hwy 3. Turn left, the route of Norman Manley Hwy 4. Take the first left turn to Norman Manley Hwy 5. Turn left into the A4 6. Take the first left turn to stay on A4. Go through the Rockfort Mineral Spa (Bath) (On your right 2.4 km away) 7. Continue to Port Royal St Pass by Livingston Alexander and Levy (On the right in 700 m) 8. Turn right at the West St Go through Sampars Cash and Carry Succs. (On your left 550 meters) 9. Turn left into the W Queen St 10. In Heywood St, keep going towards Spanish Town Rd Go through the Denham Town Police Station (On your right just 850m) 11. Slight left at Mandela Hwy 12. Slight left at T1 13. Turn left the route A2 14. Turn right at the A2 15. Slight right 16. Slight left 17. Sharp left the route T1 18. Turn left to enter the T1 19. Sharp right to A2 20. Continue to T1 Go through the HUB SITE_5 (On your right at 3.4 miles) 21. Turn left into the A2 22. Take the 2nd turning left to stay on A2 23. Continue straight to stay on A2. Go through the Total Gas Station (On your left at 12.5 miles) 24. Slight left to stay on A2 Go through 1 roundabout Go through Tatal Gas Station (On your right at 14.1 miles) 25. Keep left to continue to A2 26. Slight left to stay on A2 Pass by Shell (On your right at 6.3 miles) 27. Turn left 28. Turn right 29. Turn right 30. Turn right 31. Turn right 32. Turn left 33. Turn left 34. Take the 2nd turning right 35. Turn left 36. Take the first right turn 37. Turn left 38. Turn left 39. Turn left.
Sangster International Airport,
Norman Manley International Airport,

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