Surfing in Rexhame beach, Marshfield, Massachusetts USA

Private Beach:
Rexhame beach is located on the northern coast of Marshfield. You need to know that this beach is private, so non-residents of Marshfield should pay a ticket ($10 during the week - $15 on weekends) when entering the parking lot.

You can avoid paying by not using it, but you will have to take a walk of about 20 to 30 minutes in order to reach the beach. The beach is long and sandy with several rocks and also reef in the sea, so you will definitely need reef walkers.

The wind is usually coming from the east or the north-west. The best swell direction is from the east and best wind direction from the west and north-west. Surfers of all levels can enjoy this beach but mostly amateurs, as the wind is calm most of the time, the waves are between 1-1.5 m/3-4 ft and the tide is usually low. In the few cases that the tide is high, the waves can reach up to 2.5 m/8 ft.

Rexhame beach has only few visitors during the week. On weekends, more people visit the spot and enjoy the sea along with several surfers, but it is never crowded. Marshfield town is close to the beach, so if you need a break in order to dine, you will identify many options.

How to Get to Destination

36.5 mi / 58.7 km, 50 mins
From Boston Logan International airport. You can reach Rexhame beach in about 50 minutes. When you leave the airport, head south-east in order to enter I-90W. You will need to pay tolls. Take exit 24 to I-93S and about 9 miles later take exit 7 ( to Cape Cod). After that, enter MA-3S. You will need to drive for around 16 miles before you take exit 12 towards Marshfield. Enter MA-139 E and after 5 miles, enter Winslow St. Continue to Standish St and after 1 more mile you will reach your destination.
24.2 mi / 39 km, 36 mins
From Quincy (center). You will have to take MA-3S in order to leave Quincy center. This can be easily done if you take Granite St, then right to Walter J. Hannon Pkwy and then Thomas E. Burgin Pkwy. When you enter MA-3S, drive for about 16 miles, take exit 12 towards Marshfield and then enter MA-139 E for about 5 miles. Turn left to Winslow St, continue to Standish St and after 1 more mile you will reach Rexhame beach.
Plymouth Municipal Airport,
19.8 mi / 31.8 km


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