Surfing in Garth’s Reef, Crescent City, California USA

Swell size:
1.5m-2m/5ft-6ft up to 3m+/10ft+
Wind direction:
north, northeast
Garth’s Reef is located near Crescent City, at short distance to the south, in Del Norte County, California, USA.

It’s a secluded beach, not good for swimming because of sharks traveling. The beach is a consistent sheltered reef break. Although it is rarely crowded, it’s a popular spot for experienced surfers. The wave quality is normal and the frequency of the wave is sometimes breaking.

Type of the wave is point – break and the direction is right. The bottom of the sea is like a usual reef with corals, sharp rocks etc. Power of the wave is fun. The good swell direction is from northwest, west and southwest. Good wind direction is north, northeast.

Swell size starts at 1.5 m – 2 m / 5 ft – 6 ft and holds up to 3 m+ / 10 ft+. Best tide position is low and mid tide. Surfers should watch out for sharks, undertow and rips. Best time for surfing is during winter with the large winter swells.

How to Get to Destination

BY CAR FROM Crescent City
19.7 miles/31.70 km, 25 minutes
Pelican State Beach is located right at the Oregon border, off Highway 101. Keep a sharp eye out, because the access is easy to miss. Its 21 miles north of Crescent City, the last road before the agricultural inspection station (or the first road after the inspection station if you’re coming from Oregon). Parking is available.
Jack McNamara Field Airport,
21.4 miles/34.44 km

Take any Amtrak train, get off at the Crescent City bus station (CRC) and then continue by car.


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