Snowboarding in Nagornaya (KANT Sports Club), Moscow, Federal city of Moscow Russia

Chair lifts:
Longest run:
300 m/984 ft
Night snowboarding :
Vertical drop:
53 m/173 ft
Moscow is situated in Russia and it is the capital city and the most popular federal subject. It is located on the banks of Moskva River that flows for over 500 km/311 mi right through the East European Plain in central Russia.

One fun neighborhood in the south of Moscow, perfect for those who enjoy winter and stay fit is Nagorny. It is a small area, but has a huge all season sport complex, which offers a variety of options for residents and visitors.

Nagornaya or as it is known KANT Sports Club is a sport complex situated on Elektrolitny Proyezd near the metro station of Nagornaya on the Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya line.

11 ski slopes are waiting to serve you and are equipped with the latest snowboarding equipment. If you are a novice, don’t worry, as there are qualified instructors in the facility to teach you how to use your board.

There are many snowboard tracks appropriate for various levels with 1 trail for novices, 6 for intermediate and 5 for advanced snowboarders. Inside the facility there are also equipment rentals and repair, restaurants, cafe all perfect for a full day snowboarding destination.

How to Get to Destination

BY CAR FROM Saint Petersburg
444.1 miles/716 km, 8 hours 52 minutes
Head south on ул. Садовая/М10 toward Nevsky Prospect/просп. Невский. Continue to follow М10. Turn left onto пр. Московский/М10. Continue to follow М10. At пл. Победы, take the 4th exit onto ш. Московское/М10. Continue to follow М10. Turn right to stay on М10. Turn right onto E105/М10. Take the ramp to 3-е КОЛЬЦО/ЗВЕНИГОРОДСКОЕ ш. Continue straight. Take the БЕГОВАЯ ул. ramp to 3-е КОЛЬЦО - направо/ЗВЕНИГОРОДСКОЕ ш. Merge onto 3-е кольцо. Take the exit toward ЗАГОРОДНОЕ шоссе/СЕВАСТОПОЛЬСКИЙ проспект. Turn right onto ш. Загородное. Continue onto пр. Севастопольский. Turn left onto ул. Ремизова. Turn left to stay on ул. Ремизова. Turn left. Destination will be on the left.
1004 miles/1.615 km, 19 hours 33 minutes
Head southeast toward ул. Островского. Turn left onto ул. Островского. Turn right onto ул. Московская. Turn left onto ул. Горького. Turn right onto ул. Конституции. At the roundabout, take the 4th exit. Continue straight onto ул. Донская. Turn right onto ул. Виноградная/М27. Turn right to stay on ул. Виноградная/М27. Continue to follow М27. Slight right toward Дон/М4. Slight right onto Дон/М4. Continue to follow М4. Slight right to stay on М4. Go through 1 roundabout. Keep right to stay on М4. Take the ramp to пр. Аксайский/М4. Keep left at the fork to continue toward пр. Аксайский/М4. Keep left at the fork to continue toward пр. Аксайский/М4. Keep left at the fork and merge onto пр. Аксайский/М4. Continue to follow М4. Go through 1 roundabout. Take the ramp to МОСКВА. Merge onto автодорога Дон/М4. Merge onto автодорога Дон/М. Take the ramp onto автодорога Дон/М4. Partial toll road. Take the exit. Continue straight. Slight right toward Р141. Take the 1st left toward Р141. Turn right onto Р141. Continue onto Воронежское ш. Make a U-turn. Slight right onto Красноармейская ул. Continue onto Тульское ш. Continue onto Р141. Slight right onto автодорога Крым/М2. Continue straight. Take the exit toward НАХИМОВСКИй пр-т/Б.ТУЛЬСКАЯ ул./ЦЕНТР. Turn right onto Коломенский пр-д. Continue onto пр. Нахимовский. Turn right onto Симферопольский б-р. Slight left onto Симферопольский пр-д. Take the 1st left onto Криворожский пр-д. Turn left onto ул. Криворожская. Continue onto ул. Ремизова. Turn right. Destination will be on the left.
Sheremetyevo International Airport,
25.1 miles/41.4 km

The Russian Railways cover most of Russia. It is suggested to check the website and see which terminal is closer to you and abort in Moscow Station.


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