Scuba Diving in Flinders Pier, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria Australia

Maximum Depth:
Victoria is the second-smallest state of Australia. It borders with New South Wales to the north and Tasman Sea to the east. The unique combination of spectacular coastline, pristine beaches, numerous national parks, dense forests and mountains attract visitors all year long and offer a plethora of activities to sport lovers.

Mornington Peninsula lies to the southeast of Melbourne, Victoria’s capital city. It is surrounded by Western Port to the east and Port Phillips to the west. There is a vast number of great surf sites and a plethora of excellent dive spots all along this section.

Flinders Pier is a popular dive site. The average depth here is at 5 m/16.4 ft and the maximum is at 6 m/19.7 ft. Visibility is good and varies from 10 m/32.8 ft to 30 m/98.4 ft. Water temperature is up to 19°C/66.2°F in summer and early autumn months and between 15°C/59°F in winter. Flinders Pier is suitable for all divers and it is best dived at high tide. Expect to see a small wreck at the end of the pier, corals and sponges.

In addition, an amazing marine life can be observed here, including weedy sea dragons, rays, crayfish, shrimp, octopus and squid. Last but not least, it is also a great night dive spot as all the life comes out of the sea-grass. Note: watch out for the fishing lines as the pier is a popular fishing spot.