Parasailing in Orient Bay, French Collectivity of St Martin, Sint Maarten Netherlands Antilles

High Season:
December to May
Average Temperature:
Wind Speed:
Wind Destination:
Saint Martin belongs to the group of Leeward Islands in the West Indies. It is standing on east of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. In 1648, Saint Martin was divided into two nations, France and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. St. Martin is the north French part of the island. Its capital is Marigot. Collectively, the two territories are known as "St-Martin / St Maarten".

If you are looking for active vacations, St. Martin is the ideal place to visit. There are many water-sports that you can perform at each of the 39 available beaches in the whole island. Orient Bay is one of them. Its white powdery beach and its clear waters are the main reasons why Orient Bay was elected as “the best beach of the Caribbean”. This beautiful beach is situated on the eastern side of the island.

Parasailing at Orient Bay is a wonderful spot that everyone should try. You would have the chance to admire Orient Bay and its surrounding landscape from above the turquoise waters. Either you will do para-sailing for the first time or you have already tried it, there are experienced instructors who will help you out. You will constantly be attached into a harness and you will be pulled up to the sky.

As Saint Maritn is standing in the Caribbean, it has a tropical climate. It’s a very sunny island during most months of the year. The average temperature is at 26.7°C/80°F during all year. The destination of the wind is usually East and North-East. Its speed averages at 13 knots/24 kph. Unfortunately the hurricane period influence the weather that becomes pretty unstable with many temporary rainfalls. This period is from June to November.