Ziplining in Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Dry period:
November to May
Rainy period:
June to October
Year round
Skills not required
13°24'45'N 103° 52'0'E
Angkor Wat, situated in the northeast of Cambodia, is widely known as the largest religious monument of the world. Since 1992, it has been declared as a World Heritage Site. The Angkor Wat archaeological park, located in the Siem Reap area, is the arena of one of the longest zip lines in South-East Asia and due to its location, probably the most particular worldwide.

Inside the biggest religious archaeological site in the world and with total respect for the environment and place, the most curious zip line playground is definitely a ”must to do” for the adrenaline fans. Angkor Wat offers a spectacular view and a unique panorama, stretching for several squares meters/feet within a tropical rainforest with very rich as well as fragile flora and fauna.

The flight through the trees above the Cambodian jungle and around the wild life and the religion ruins, makes ziplining here an unforgettable experience. Only one zip line school center operates inside the park, approved by the managing authority of the Site. An Angkor park pass is required for accessing the zip line facilities, which include twenty one platforms, eight single zip lines, two double zip lines and four sky bridges. Being so high, admiring what nature has created and humans have built and the excitement of the flight, it can be a thrilling feeling worthy to experience it.