Kite Bugging in Ainsdale Beach, Liverpool, North West England United Kingdom

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Liverpool is situated along the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary. The climate here is classified as a temperate maritime climate, like much of the British Isles, with mild winters and cool summers. Liverpool is noted for its music, as it is the birthplace of The Beatles. It is also well known for its rich architectural heritage. In addition to that, the city won the World Heritage Site status by UNESCO in 2004.

Ainsdale beach is situated between Liverpool and Southport and is one of the most popular destinations for kite activities in the UK. It should also be noted that, Ainsdale is the only beach in the North West that has ever been awarded a Blue Flag.

If you are looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush, then you should definitely visit this location! Kite bugging is without a doubt an extreme sport that accommodates only the most adventurous people. A kite buggy is a three-wheeled cart, powered by a power kite. Experienced pilots are able to achieve speeds of over 60 mph/96.56 kph and all manner of maneuvering.

If you don’t have previous experience or you want to improve your flying skills, then you should visit West Coast Kitesurf school. This place provides power kites and buggy lessons and all the safety equipment. As kite bugging is an extreme outdoor sport, safety should be paramount. It is advisable to bring warm clothing, eye protection and something to drink. Note that, the optimum wind direction is from the west. Last but not least, the location caters good facilities, including toilets and parking.