Mountain Climbing in Mount Ararat, Iğdir Province, Eastern Anatolia Region Turkey

Greater Ararat :
5137m/16854ft asl
Lesser Ararat:
3896m/12782ft asl
Best Period:
June to early September
Mount Ararat is part of the greater range of the Armenian Highlands. Ararat lies in the Eastern Anatolia Region in Turkey where, according to the Book of Genesis, Noah's Ark is presumably located.

Border line between Turkey, Iran and Armenia, this strategically sensitive and military zone also represents a very important Judeo – Christian religion symbol. Ararat mount is a dormant volcano with permanent snow-covered summits. The use of crampons and axe is completely necessary. The high elevation and the hard conditions require good health conditions and very good preparation. The mountain has two campsites.

Bear in mind that due to its importance as a military zone, a special permission from the Minister of Tourism or the Turkish Embassies abroad and certified Turkish guide are some of the prerequisites to access the spot. The time needed is approximately two months but it can be shorter if you move via a Turkish travel agency. Don’t miss the opportunity to let yourself be taken away by the exquisite natural beauty of this spot.