Snowmobile in Côte Nord du Golfe du Saint Laurent, Cote-Nord, Quebec Canada

Snow trails:
1600 km (100 mi)
Côte-Nord du Golfe du Saint Laurent is a municipality of Cote-Nord region of the province of Quebec, Canada. It is an area with historical significance, natural beauty and a lot of worth seeing places. This area attracts many people from all over the world and it is a well-known destination for those who want to perform snowmobiling, enjoy themselves and try fine cuisine.

Performing snowmobiling in Cote-Nord is a unique opportunity to ride along Saint-Lawrence-River from the north trails. You will also have the chance to feel the adventure of snowmobiling in over 1600 km (100 mi) of snow trails. For those who will decide to visit Cote-Nord, it is highly recommended to practice snowmobiling on the longest snowmobile bridge of North America.

For those who have never visited this place, we highly recommend the location, because it will definitely meet your expectations at all levels. Another point in its favors, for an extraordinary and unforgettable snowmobiling, is discovering the Lower North Shore. Be aware that North Shore is recommended for self-sufficient and experienced snowmobilers only. So, visit this area and witness the beauty by yourself, having fun in one of the most impressive cafes, restaurants and accommodations of this place.