Skysurfing in Empuriabrava, Girona, Catalonia Spain

Max Feet:
12500 ft/3810 m
1 Super Otter , 1 Super Pilatus Porter, 1 Beech 99
USPA Membership Required:
AAD Required:
Empuriabrava is located on the coast of Girona, Catalonia. It lies in between Roses and Castello d' Empuries, across the Mediterranean seacoast. It was originally built on a swamp, and afterwards transformed into a tourist community of houses and markets.

It also holds one of the biggest used boat sales in the world, where one can buy from a large yacht to a small fishing boat. Empuriabrava holds annual festivals and parties, making it a famous tourist destination.

At the landing zone you can do a variety of skydiving sports. Ski surfing is skydiving with a board attached to your feet, giving you the opportunity to perform various surfing tricks. The boards looks like snowboards or small surfboards. The diver has also the ability to remove the board anytime he wishes.

Because of the high possibility of a sky surfer drops his board, not a lot of clubs permits sky-surfing, making it a extreme sport with a minority of divers attempting this performance. Contact the local aeroclub for more information about sky surfing in the area of Empuriabrava.