September 26 08:00

Xtreme endurance marathon race in Patagonian International Marathon

4 distances:
60K, 42K, 21K ,10K
Taking place in the majestic National Park of Torres Del Paine in Chilean Patagonia, Patagonian International Marathon is an amazing wild terrain running event through the rough and impressive lands of Patagonia.

The 4th edition of the Patagonian International Marathon starts on September 26 and covers four distances of the Ultramarathon 60K (37.2 mi/60 km), the Marathon 42K (26 mi/42 km), the Half Marathon 21K (13 mi/21 km) and the 10K (6.2 mi/10 km) marathon through the winding gravel roads of Torres Del Paine National Park.

"Patagonian International Marathon"

The race route takes participants through magical landscapes, around granite mountains, multicolored lakes and an abundance of wildlife such as rhea, condors, foxes, pumas, guanacos and so much more. Each race distance has different starting point but everyone finishes in the same location.

"Patagonian International Marathon"

The terrain of the route is a winding gravel road with a total climb (ascent + descent) of 2400 m/ 7874 ft (for 60K). Another good to know factor that also marks the character of the event, is high likelihood of strong winds so whether you are an experienced marathon runner or you’re running your first race, participating in the Patagonian International Marathon is definitely a story you can call your own!!!

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The Patagonian International Marathon is commitment to the Leave No Trace policy.