Skiing in Canaan Valley Resort State Park, Davis, West Virginia USA

Top Elevation:
4280 ft / 1304 m
Vertical Drop:
850 ft / 259 m
Canaan Valley Resort State Park is a well known state park within Canaan Valley, Tucker County, West Virginia. The fact that it is located in the highest valley east of Mississippi River, offers stunning views to its visitors.

Canaan Valley is a four season ski resort, which attracts all those people who want to enjoy every second of their life by getting in touch with the snow environment. The resort offers a range of winter and summer activities as well and the right conditions for your entertainment and relaxation. If you visit this spot during winter season, alpine skiing is well worth it.

What this spot does, is to offer all you need for an amazing activity. Top elevation of 4280 ft/1304 m and vertical drop of 850 ft/259 m. There are 42 trails tailored to cover all levels of ability. 30% of trails are formed for beginners, 40% for intermediate skiers and the other 30% of trails are at experts disposal. Also, the spot provides 1 terrain park and airboarding. The average snowfall is 180 in (457.20 cm). You also find 1 quad lift, 2 triples and 2 magic carpets with uphill lift capacity 6,000 people per hour.

On Canaan Valley you will have the opportunity to exercise your activity at night as well. In this place you can combine fun with friends and holidays with the whole family. Finally, the spot is endowed with many cozy hotels and restaurants, where you can continue having fun after a long day.