Skate Boarding in Eastbourne, East Sussex, South East England United Kingdom

Skill Level:
East Sussex is located in the south of England. The county enchants visitors with its scenic coastline, historic towns, and unspoilt landscapes. But that is not all, East Sussex also provides a great number of recreational activities for visitors and locals alike.

Eastbourne is a greenery city, with many parks and gardens, located in East Sussex. Eastbourne Skate-park is a popular outdoor park that features a flat bank with a large platform that offers skaters a place to stand. In addition, it provides with a 1.8 m/6 ft and a 2.1 m/7 ft long half pipe attached to each other, quarter pipe with wallie ends, hubba and vertical ramps.

Furthermore, this concrete park hosts fun-box, hand rail and flat rail. The spot is appropriate for both the beginner and the experienced skater, as it holds something exciting for everyone to discover! Keep in mind that, you should use a helmet and knee pads, in order to prevent yourself from getting injured. The time to show off with your tricks is now on this amazing spot!!!