Luge in Canada Olympic Park, Calgary, Alberta Canada

Top Elevation:
1250 m (4100 ft)
Base Elevation:
1130 m (3710 ft)
1.14 m (3.7 ft) / year
Night Skiing:
Canada Olympic Park is also known as Pascapoo Ski Hill, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Park is situated in western Calgary, south of the Trans-Canada Highway, north of the community of Cougar Ridge and west of Bowness. The Park is functioned by WinSport Canada and invites both experts and amateurs of ski activities. Visit this amazing Canadian park and discover adventure.

In order to escape from the anxious routine, visit this spot as soon as possible. Choose to spend all your positive energy at this place and you will never regret it. The park offers a wide range of winter and summer activities, stunning views and friendly atmosphere. So, get in touch with the snow environment and be ready to feel the adventure of the most popular and exciting activity, luge.

The park gives you the opportunity to exercise this unique Olympic sport. You can also have the opportunity to be trained by one of our country’s nationally-carted athletes. The park offers a top elevation of 1250 m (4100 ft) and a base elevation of 1130 m (3710 ft).

The snowfall reaches 1.14 m (3.7 ft) / year. So, forget all your worries and prepare yourself for endless entertainment by starting from the tourist start height and side through 5 turns, reaching speeds up to 60 kph/37.28 mph.

Two chairlifts and 4 magic carpets on spot are available. The park also offers a high quality half pipe, which was enlarged to be the same as the half pipe that was used for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Spines, handrail and tables are some other features of the terrain park. The peak season to perform your activity is from Octomber to February.