Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Praia da Ponta do Garcêz, Jaguaripe, Bahia Brazil

Wind direction:
Wind strength:
5.15-12.8mph / 10-25 knots
Wave's height:
3.2-10ft / 1-3 m
Salvador, the capital of the State of Bahia, is located in the northeast coast of Brazil. The entire region is a great kite destination with plenty and well organized facilities, friendly people and excellent weather conditions for the most of the year.

The area constitutes a major touristic attraction of Brazil due to its numerous parties and festivals, vibrant nightlife and magnificent natural settings.

The Ponta do Garcêz beach, in Jaguaripe area in Bahia at 15 km/9.7 mi in the north east of Salvador, is only one of the many kite destinations in Brazil. There, kiters can practice and improve their techniques or just enjoy some rides in the beautiful sandy, with swallow waters beach. The water temperature most of the year is pleasantly warm and there is no need for wetsuit.

The best season for kite-surf in Salvador is from September to March, when northeastern winds blow with a speed of 5.15-12.8 mph/10-25 knots and the height of waves ranges from 1-3 m/3.2-10 ft. Local schools and camps will provide you with the necessary gear and guidance.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the adrenaline rush of these rides!!